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In 2014, Ace Hardware acquired Emery-Waterhouse, a successful, 170-year-old hardlines distributor in the Northeast. The Emery-Waterhouse acquisition was the first step in creating Ace Hardware’s Ace Wholesale Holdings Division.

In 2015, Ace Hardware acquired Jensen Distribution Services, an equally successful, 130-year-old distribution company based in Spokane, Washington. This acquisition provided Ace Wholesale Holdings with the West Coast reach necessary to build a national distribution arm.

Emery Jensen Distribution, the third Ace Wholesale Holdings entity, was created to service independent retailers throughout the Midwest, South and Southeast, as well as large national retailers within the Grocery Channel.

Emery-Waterhouse and Jensen Distribution Services bring 300 combined years of distribution expertise and are backed by Ace Hardware’s 90 years of wholesale and retail success. With a focus on customer service and retailer success, we have been able to leverage our buying power to the benefit of the independent retailer.

How We Serve Our Customers

  • 97% plus fill rates
  • 17 Distribution centers across the country totaling 11 million square feet of warehouse space
  • 2 Import redistribution centers providing reduced import and logistics costs for both coasts
  • 70,000 regionally relevant and localized skus
  • Competitive pricing and programs
  • Extensive experience in paint, lawn & garden, hardware, grocery and pro-lumber
  • Dedicated customer service department
  • Knowledgeable Territory Managers ready to assist
  • EDI capabilities
  • No cost to join


The story of Emery Jensen Distribution begins with the rich history of Ace Wholesale Holdings entities, Emery-Waterhouse and Jensen Distribution Services.


The story of Emery-Waterhouse began in 1842, when the tools of the trade included handwritten ledgers, invoices and bills of lading. Emery-Waterhouse began in Portland, Maine, as a single hardware store, one of many that lined Middle Street, known at the time as "Hardware Row." For much of its history, Emery-Waterhouse served both retail and commercial customers. Emery-Waterhouse flourished during the building boom and expanding U.S. economy that followed World War II. Soon after, however, it had to battle to survive during a time of intense competition in the hardware industry. During this period, the number of hardware distributors in the country declined from more than 600 to about a dozen significant companies.

Since that time, Emery-Waterhouse has faced competition from many different companies. First, there was competition from emerging hardware chains. Then came big-box retailers. Today, in the face of ever-increasing competition, Emery-Waterhouse maintains a leading position as an independent hardlines and building materials distributor in the Northeast.

Jensen Distribution Services

O.C. Jensen left Denmark as a young man to seek fortune in America. He heard of the growth occurring in the Northwest and decided to settle in the Sprague territory of what is now Washington State. O.C. and his first partner, Henry Brooke, started a hardware business in 1883, known as Jensen, Brooke & Company. Henry Brooke later sold his interest to Charles King and the business operated under the name Jensen King & Co. through 1895. After a few years of expansion, the company settled in its current location on Riverside Avenue in Spokane. J. Scott and Alvin L. Jensen, sons of O.C., purchased Mr. King’s interest in 1925 and changed the name to Jensen-Byrd Co.

Jensen-Byrd Co. became an owner/member of Liberty Distributors in the early 1950s and continued this commitment through the merger of Liberty and Sentry in 1991, forming Distribution America, the largest independent wholesale hardware organization in the country. On April 22, 1995, Jensen-Byrd Co. became Jensen Distribution Services, which demonstrates the true nature of what the organization had become: a complete distribution services company.

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